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Gjenoppliv din historie, og gi den videre, Sammen lager vi din personlige L Y D B O K 

My-Story er opptatt av at mennesker i nære relasjoner skal kunne dele sine fortellinger, tanker og erfaringer.


At tid, alder og geografiske avstander ikke skal stå i veien for å bli kjent med historiene som støtter opp under fellesskapets identitet.


At tiden til å fortelle kan imøtekomme tiden det tar å lytte.


At historiene blir gjengitt av en levende fortellerstemme og tatt vare på til glede og påminnelse om at alle er del av noe større enn seg selv.


Det er den grunnleggende tanken som ligger bak det å lage personlige lydbøker med familiehistorier.


Store saker i lite format, med mot og mening.

English text:                           

The magic joy of storytelling - 

revive your STORY AND PASS IT ON...


Tailor-made audiobooks, long stories, short stories, interviews, old friends 'collage'-stories made for anniversaries, podcast, live- and vivid stories. 

Honor your own or someone else's life and special achievements. Own your story, voice your views, share your thoughts, memories, tales and adventures. 

Love stories, harsh stories, sad and joyful as life can be. It is all yours to be kept, reflected upon, valued, and shared with the chosen few you sincerely wish to pass them on to.


in preparation to making the classic audio biography:

Ease: Bring your memories to the table. We accommodate a calm, friendly atmosphere all set for the ideal frame while telling your story/-ies in dialogue. Our responsibility is planning a good structure, recording, editing for optimal fluency, and thematically create chapters giving your story vivid character to be delivered with easy access to each topic, and pure listening pleasure. Music may be added upon request.

Languages and location: We mostly work in Norwegian and English, however we have a broad language competence base when other languages are needed. Locations are agreed individually when our studio in Oslo is out of reach for our clients.


Quality Time between relatives is often out of synch, and we help give all parties the time for telling, and the time for listening. 

Generosity is key; we make sure you get the time you need to tell your full story, with a prep-meeting beforehand, noting what is relevant to you and how you wish to convey it.

Final Audiobooks are delicately gift wrapped and labeled individually, with a modern classic look, - a chapter 

overview is attached with each copy. 

Visual bonus? Some prefer a pure listening experience due to excessive exposure to screens on a daily basis. The advantage is that it makes it possible to plug into ears while walking or lying down. It allows for alertness and better attention to what is being said. Visuals can actually be distractive.

​However, it is in many cases a wish, and good reason to include still photos (old ones can be reproduced).

We can also provide video recording, which will be at an extra cost estimated by the associated videographer. 


Confidentiality applies 100%. Copyright belongs to the client, and all sound and visual materials are deleted from our systems shortly after delivery. 

By appointment: 


phone: +47 410 26 880