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*2020 iPORTRETTPODDEN Podcast production

*2019 My-Story Audiobiography Production, Sound & Visual Communication

*2017-18 Commission works

*2016 Lifestories Audiobooks

*2016 Commission works, Kunst Rett Vest

*2004 – 2015 Commission works – site specific for private and commercial principals

Lawfirm, CRO - Medical Research, Medical Private Clinic, Oslo, Brussels, London

*2009 Kunst Rett Vest, Galleri Trafo Asker

*2009 Galleri Ramfjord Jubileumsutstilling

*2009 Nesodden, Galleri Hellviktangen

*2007 Oslo Prosjektrom, December

*2007 Firenze Biennale, Firenze, Italy

*2007 Oslo Prosjektrom, one-woman exhibition; IF ALL IS PERISHABLE Oslo, Norway

*2007 IMMI, Borås, Sweden

*2007 Saatchi Gallery London, works on display online

*2007 UNICEF, Amsterdam, Netherland

*2006 Oslo Prosjektrom, Group exhibition, Oslo, Norway

*2006 Hole Artcenter, Group exhibition, Norway

*2006 Oslo Prosjektrom, 2:1, Oslo

*2006 Galleri Fimbul, one-woman exhibition PARALLELL, Oslo, Norway

*2006 Saatchi Gallery London, works on display online

*2006 London Biennale 2006, draw_drawing_2, The Foundry, London, UK

*2006 Victor Neumann Assosiation, 'The Abstract Mind Mural'

The Museum of Science and Industry

The Daley Plaza Building, Chicago

 O'Hare Airport, Chicago, USA

*2005/06 Artoteque work on display online

*2005 Galleri Fimbul, Oslo, group exhibition 'Fimbulvinter'

*2005 Fengselet, Hønefoss, Graphic Art

*2005 Galleri Dobag, International Forum, Oslo

*2005, Borgarting Lagmannsrett, Oslo

*2005, "Quanyin: Goddess of Mercy

 and Compassion Commemorate", Toronto, Canada

*2005, Aldo Castillo Gallery Chicago

 'A Cross-Cultural view of women in the Arts'

*2005/06  bound_less tour - Stenersen Muséet, Oslo, Norway -

 Bodø Kunstforening, Jølster - Sogn & Fjordane Kunstmuseum,

 Eikaasgalleriet  - Harstad Trondarnes Distriktsmuseum -

 Eidsberg kom. kulturkontoret - Kirkenes, Grenselandsmuséet -

 Stavanger Kunstforening - Nord Trøndelag fylkesgalleri

*2005, Painting and lithography, Edvard Munch Studios, Ekely – Oslo,

 in collaboration with Bård Solhaug and Galleri Semmingsen

*2004 Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, ART AT WAR group project

*2003 Sotheby's Contemporary Fine Arts Chicago - Humanitarian

 Auction, ART IN MOTION hosted by Aldo Castillo Gallery to the


*1994 International Art Fair, Chicago

*1994 Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago,One-woman exhibition

*1994 Gallery 312, Chicago, group exhibition 'Chicago Unknown'



BONO, Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society



*2001-2002 Philosophical Theory in Post Modern Art, Humanistisk

 Akademi, Oslo, Norway

*1994-1995 Figure drawing with Jan Cato Bødtger, Oslo, Norway

*1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of The Art Institute

 of Chicago, USA



Sothebys Contemporary Chicago, Humanitarian Artist 2003

Leasee at Edvard Munch Studios, Ekely 2004 – 2006

Lithographies in the collection of the Munch Museum Art magazines, Oslo, 2004 - 2006


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2010 - present

2010 - present